Melbourne Wedding Video & Photography 



We provide you with elegant commercial Wedding Video & Photography with our skilled Melbourne team

We are a Melbourne Wedding Video production studio who specialize in high quality finish wedding films at a cinematic level. We have also taken our skills and knowledge from Melbourne Wedding Video and applied them to Melbourne Wedding Photography to give our photos a unique look. Apertura Studios’ style combines traditional with the look and feel of Candid Wedding Video. The mixture of these two styles creates a viewing experience like no other and you can relive the memories for a lifetime.

With over a decade of experience, our team of Melbourne Wedding Videographers and Photographers will work with you on your special day, the same team responsible for capturing your wedding is also reliable for the post production and editing your final product to ensure your most memorable moments are captured in the exact way you imagined it.

Every Apertura Studios Wedding Video is produced with state of the art videography and photography equipment and postproduction software so you can be certain that your Wedding Video & Photography will be of the highest quality.