Chrisi & Alistair - Vogue Ballroom

We were counting down the days for Chrisi & Alistair's wedding. We knew from the very first moment they booked in with us that this would be a wedding to remember.

It was a very exciting wedding to shoot with lots going on from the morning right through to the night.

Shooting alongside Yervant, its hard not to look back on the footage and just be happy with what was captured. We love Yervant's shooting style, it involves a lot of motion and emotion, which is great for us videographers who dont like shooting video of still poses.

Once we moved from the photos to the ballroom the party didnt stop there, in fact it was just getting started. From traditional music right through to the classic club tracks this was a great wedding to be apart of!

\\ Photographer: Yervant Photography \\ Venue: Vogue Ballroom