Jess & Joe - Clyde Park Geelong

Thank you so much for that trailer, we absolutely love it! Its a perfect snapshot of the day. . And the song choice is perfect! Thank you. 

We've always loved driving out to Geelong for weddings especially for its plethora of gorgeous shooting locations. What makes it even more worthwhile, is when you have a beautiful couple to work with as well as a great crowd to interact with.

Jess & Joe held their reception at the Clyde Park Vineyard. This is a place you really have to see for yourself to understand how amazing it is.

During the night as we were having dinner, we noticed a red light coming over the horizon. It wasn’t until shortly after we realized it was a beautiful full red moon.

All the best to Jess & Joe!


Photographer: Hails & Shine \ Cars: Triple R \ Reception: Clyde Park Vineyard \ Band: The Baker Boys